Elva & Chris


It’s been a long time since I did a pre-wedding shoot, or anything much else except weddings. I’m not one for overly manufactured photography, for posing and preening and manipulating – much more preferable to me are the shoots where I sneak around and document all the little events and emotions as they unfold, naturally.

But I’m glad I shot Elva & Chris. At the outset I told them I’d need to tell a bit of a story, that I wasn’t going to be modelling them. My style is to go fishing with my camera and see what I can reel in, if that makes any sense. And there are some advantages of these sort of styled shoots. I could go anywhere I wanted, at any time that I chose. That’s always liberating.

Anyway, as with all things, there is compromise and direction involved, but hopefully I captured a bit of the natural spirit of these two hanging out and connecting. They were a super cute couple, with a  genuine love for each other, and they were a real pleasure to photograph.