Cassie & Jack


How beautiful is this couple? And what a dream location: a house with a front yard on the beach, and a living room with a glass wall giving out over the pacific. A windy garden of pandanus trees full of seagulls and lizards. And nearby the bustling and eclectic streets of Byron Bay.

Cassie & Jack got ready at the same house, Jack downstairs in the company of his friends, a cold beer never too far away; Cassie upstairs, surrounded by family and her closest friends. And then they met on the lawn, under the pandanus trees, where they exchanged their vows and sealed their marriage.

Afterwards we went for a walk to the nearby railway track, then back to the house so that they could refresh for the reception. I stole a few extra photos there: how could I not?

The reception was when the fun began: good food, good company, good cold beer (and wine, and whisky and vodka), and then dancing til the early hours.

Congratulations on the perfect day, and the best start to your new life :)

~ Van

Edited by Wildernis Lab.

Make-up artist: Rhiannon Claire MUA
Hair: Amelia Jane 
Florist: Frankly and the Flowers
Dress: Spell Bride
Celebrant: Merlin Coughlan