Matthew & Stephanie


Matt & Steph got married on Steph’s family farm at Old Koreelah, a beautiful area of wooded hills and grassy valleys just west of the border ranges, at the juncture of New South Wales and Queensland. The country is straight out of a Tom Roberts painting: brown hillsides hung with eucalypts, creeks cut through sandstone gullies, cotton-wool clouds floating in the burning sky. Kangaroos and cows and horses and every type of bird you’ve ever heard or seen, gossiping in the branches of the trees, everywhere we went. And of course the people are what you’d expect to meet out there: warm, friendly and authentic, with the dry humour that seems to be baked into everyone who makes their living in the country.

As always, I couldn’t quite believe my luck that I’d been invited to be a part of this wedding, and as usual, I tried to capture the day without altering it, to distill that feeling I had when I was there into photos, to try to mesh the landscape and the people into one story, of one day. It’s always an impossible task, but half the fun is trying.