An Evening at the Currumbin Alley


A big storm came through this afternoon, and when it started to settle I decided to head down to the Currumbin Alley. I was either going to have a surf or take some photos, depending on what looked most promising. It turned out that the surf was pretty average, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and went for a walk.

Someone once said that the most beautiful places are where different elements and landscapes meet – mountains and sky, ocean and land, rivers and cliffs – and at times of change – dusk and dawn, a weather-front, a cloudburst – when nature appears at its most raw and unusual.

So it’s always a good bet to head to a place like the beach when a storm is passing through, and particularly when it happens at dusk. So many elements come together, often with strange and spectacular results.

Today was no different. If anything, it was even more special than I was expecting. There was a strange glow coming out of the east. It was near dusk, and the sun was setting in the west. I have no idea what the glow was, but it certainly looked pretty cool.

Also, just before dusk the light shone suddenly through the clouds in the west, and lit up the whole sky with brilliant light. At about the same time a flock of birds flew over the beach, bright as sparks.

Here are some photos I took: