Digital Delivery


Just like the way of the mini disc player and the local Video Ezy or Blockbuster stores, the USB is becoming an obsolete technology. Mac Pro's no longer even have USB ports. Wait, wait wait! We still use USB's everyday, I hear you say. It's true. In some ways portable drives are still part of everyday life, for now. But for us, a busy studio. data is precious. All the images we collect are precious data that we just can't take chances with. At every step of the way we have redundancy protocols in place in order to protect our data right up until we deliver images to our clients. 

Recently we decided to take on a better work life balance. To work smarter and not harder. For the benefit of us and our clients. 

There are so many reasons why we decided to move to digital delivery - mostly the safety of our clients' images and the unreliability of our postal delivery services. Not to mention, the poor life-span of USBs. We've lost count of the number of USBs we've had to re-send because they've failed, either moments after they've left our computer, or months. 

We are pedantic about each image, the way our grandfather was about every bit of woodwork he did in his workshop. We craft a story carefully with each image edited for weight and worth. 

We want to be able to get our clients their images FAST and also give them the option of the safety of cloud storage and the ability to share their images with family and friends rather than making copies of USB's and screen-shotting images to send to relatives. 

Our new delivery system makes it easier to deliver images to our clients, they get to download them on computer or mobile, share the wedding via social media or email and allowing relatives to get secure access to the entire wedding to download print resolution images. That's right! No more sending emails to Aunt Gladys for her to print an image for the mantelpiece.