If you’ve come this far you must have shown some interest in my wedding photography services. This page explains a little bit more about what I offer and how I shoot. It’s all pretty simple: there’s one basic package that includes all the essentials, and then you can add on any extras to suit. There’s no obligation on your part to order any of the extras, and in the case of albums and prints you can opt to purchase them long after your wedding if that suits. Or - since you receive all your images in high-res, without watermarks - you might choose to create your own DIY books and order prints from your own local print shop. It’s up to you :)



It’s not easy for me to explain my style or photographic philosophy: better that you have a wander through my website and see the images - that will explain more to you than my words.

What I will say is this: I’m drawn to real images, not manufactured ones. Of course, there are times in the day when I need to guide and direct my couples, especially since weddings are often the first time people get meaningful photos taken together. I get that this is a daunting process for many of us, and so - at least for the portrait session - I act as guide and support, to make the experience smooth and easy and enjoyable.

But outside of this time I shoot discreetly, and try my best to capture unguarded moments, real happenings, true events.

This is because I believe these images hold the most value, are the most moving and emotional. Better to me that my couples be reminded of their day as it happened, of the real feelings they had, than to be reminded of their photographer telling them what to do and how to act.

My photos are generally natural and unposed. This is my preference. It’s where I find beauty and meaning. And I also find it’s the best way to shoot my couples at ease, and to make sure they enjoy their time with me: a stroll down the road, a practice dance under a tree, a few small intimacies. Laboured and marathon portrait sessions and forced fun are not my style.

See below for a sample of images I took on a recent wedding day, all strung along together.


My basic package is $3500 + GST

This includes:
8 hours coverage by yours truly.
A minimum of 600 images edited in color
A minimum of 600 images edited in b&w
All images delivered in a pic-time gallery, online for a minimum of 5 years.
All images in high-res, downloadable, without watermarks.
A $165 print credit, that you can put towards anything in your online shop.


1. While the minimum images I deliver is 1200, it usually works out to be more like 1500.
2. Your pic-time gallery is online indefinitely. I just can’t specify more than a 5-year minimum.
3. Your online gallery doubles as a shop, which is connected to Atkins Lab - the oldest print shop in Australia.
A true fine art printer based in Adelaide.



In addition to the main package, you may wish to purchase add-ons. These are by no means necessary, but can be great additions depending on your budget and needs.


Wedding Album: $1600

Hand-bound, premium leather, embossed keepsakes.
Cotton-rag giclée paper, lay-flat pages, archival inks.
A minimum of 25 spreads (50 pages), of fine art goodness.


Second Photographer: $750

Another creative human to float around on the day, helping to capture extra moments of happiness and good vibes.

Recommended for weddings of over 100 people.

Not essential.


Extra Hours: $250/hour

I shoot for a minimum of 8 hours. I never shoot less and often shoot more, but if you want me there for 9 or more hours, it might be an idea to add them to the package. If you’re not sure, get in touch!


Additional NOTES

Second Shooter Info

My second shooters are wedding photographers in their own right, so I can’t lock in specific shooters until close to the wedding date. The second shooters shoot for 6 hours, but can stay longer where required. I tend not to recommend second shooters for smaller more intimate weddings, because an extra body can be more obtrusive, but second shooters can help with broader coverage and are particularly useful when there are people getting ready in different locations a long way apart at the same time.

Extra Hours

I shoot a minimum of 8 hours, but the reality is I tend to go over. Still, if you’re looking at needing me for 9 or more hours there may be an extra fee. If you’re not sure, get in touch and we can have a chat!