About Your Online Gallery


All our packages now come with an online gallery of images, all of them in high-res, without watermarks, accessible and downloadable from anywhere, at any time (so long as you have internet access). The future is online, so we’ve decided to make it a cornerstone of our business. As of 1/1/19, we're no longer delivering USBs, except by request. Why is this? Well, I've written a little bit about it here. For those who have USBs included in their older booked packages, never fear, I'm still happy to deliver one - just let me know if you'd like your little wooden keepsake!

Your online gallery will be online for at least 10 years (secure in cold cloud storage at several geographic locations). This doesn’t mean that you shouldn't back-up your own images (download them!), but it does provide you with another layer of security for your photos for a long time to come. Prints are still king, and probably always will be, but it’s an important part of safekeeping and sharing your memories into the future.

Your gallery also doubles as a shop. I've teamed up with Atkins lab in Adelaide, Australia - one of the oldest and arguably the best printer in the country - and also with a lab in the US, for a few of the shop items that are unavailable here.

You can also use your gallery for ordering prints. Included in your package is a print credit coupon. Simply order any number and size of prints you want from your gallery, and then enter the supplied code at checkout. Simple! You can put the credit towards anything you want: an album, prints, thank-you cards, whatever takes your fancy. I'll also keep your email on file (unless you opt out) and every now and then will pass on deals and specials from my printers, which you can redeem through the shop.

You may also wish to download your photos and use your printer - this is entirely up to you! I do advise care with printers - some are better than others!

You can also share your gallery on social media, and with friends and family - and choose what images to share and what to keep private. 


Your Shop

Your gallery is connected to a print shop that makes beautiful heirloom albums, prints (framed and unframed) and a bunch of other goodies, like thank-you cards, calendars, and canvases. All you need to do is click on "Shop" in your gallery menu to see the options. Alternatively, at the bottom right of all your individual images there's a little "Print" icon. This will lead you to a bunch of print options. When you're done shopping, head to the checkout where you can pay via paypal. If you have a coupon code, this is where you enter the code to receive your discount. All items will be drop-shipped direct to your address.

All the options have been hand-picked with absolute quality in mind. These are the best prints, frames and albums you will find, anywhere.

Frames & Prints

The frames are made from walnut, barnwood and natural wood, as well as black and satin white.


Our partner's Fine Art Pigment prints are printed on a specially designed ink jet printer that has been carefully calibrated and colour managed. The process produces stunningly detailed prints that will last well over 100 years with proper care. Pigment prints printed in a pro lab with the high standards a good pro lab demand are worthy of being in an art gallery and worth of the words 'fine art'. 

Premium prints are pretty special. Designed so that you always look good. Our printer hand colour-corrects each and every file, regardless of the print size. Print machinery is carefully monitored and ICC profiled to match the papers. Perfect award winning quality, every time.



Our albums are special. Master fine art prints, hand-bound together, with a number of cover materials available, including gorgeous leathers.

The albums are a benchmark of quality. Pigment printed, the colour gamut is unparalleled and allows for the finest details. Atkins colour management means each page is worthy of it's own place in a gallery. 

Each album is hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. The pages are sandwiched with archival adhesives back to back making the finished page thickness a mere 1mm. Pages are trimmed flush for the most lush and divine look and feel.

We currently have a design tool available within the gallery that allows you to either design the album yourself, or make changes to a design we make ourselves. 


As you can tell, we're very happy with our print and album range, and with our online gallery. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about anything at all. I'm always free for a chat and would love to walk you through any problems or questions you might have.

~ Van :)