About Your Online Gallery

All our packages now come with an online gallery of images, all of them in high-res, without watermarks, accessible and downloadable from anywhere, at any time (so long as you have internet access). The future is online, so we’ve decided to make it a cornerstone of our business.

Your online gallery will be online for at least 10 years (secure in cold cloud storage at several geographic locations). This doesn’t mean that you should discard your USB, or not take care to backup your hardcopy images in your own way, but it does provide you with another layer of security for your photos for a long time to come. Prints are still king, and probably always will be, but it’s an important part of safekeeping and sharing your memories into the future.

You can access your gallery on any mobile device, and share your images individually via social media.

You can also use your gallery for ordering prints. Included in your package is a $165 print credit. Simply order any number and size of prints you want from your gallery up to $150 worth (leaving $15 for postage), and then enter the promo code: BRIDE at the end of your checkout process to get your free included value. Of course, you’re free to order more and pay the extra, and to share the gallery with family and friends who may also want to order prints direct.

Additionally, you can download the digitals from the gallery, using the PIN code: 8888. You or your friends/family may wish to use your own printer, and this is a good option for this purpose.


~ Van Middleton